“Your wedding is not simply an event, it is an experience.”
The co-ordination required to create an unforgettable occasion depends wholly upon its planning. DJ XTC Planning Team engages at every level, optimizing the experience with creativity and control of every element. We provide detailed timelines for bride, groom and vendors so that no question need be asked about when, where or how. Breakdowns of the wedding’s design and inspiration allow the many providers to bring their parts forward, so the music plays on cue, so that plates are placed in perfect harmony with the host’s welcome and candles are lit just as the sun begins to set.
A perfectly planned wedding begins with concept development, where inspiration comes from the texture and colour of your destination to a couple’s own heritage and history. Local vendors are always chosen to provide everything from the freshest cuisine to the sweetest sounds, interpreting the language of your destination in every element of the occasion.

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