First things to do when you are engaged


Isn’t it a fantastic feeling to be just engaged? Now that you have decided to spend the rest of your life with your partner, there are certain things you should get around to doing ASAP! Best for Bride, the wedding experts from Canada, bring us this list of top-priority tasks that every engaged couple should do, soon after they are engaged.

Inform your near and dear ones

Wait a little longer to announce the good news on social media. First, inform all those who are most important to you. Begin with your parents. Then inform your relatives and close friends. They will appreciate knowing it first-hand, and not hearing about your engagement from someone else. Once you personally pass the message to those in your closest circle, go ahead and announce it to the rest of the world.

Celebrate the moment

This is perhaps one of the biggest and happiest decisions of your life, and it calls for celebration.Before you start planning the wedding, celebrate your engagement in the manner you deem fit. Whether this is by having a special dinner with your fiancé, or a big engagement party, don’t miss the opportunity to make this special time in your life truly memorable.

Start planning the wedding budget

Irrespective of whether your engagement will be short or long, you should plan how much you can spend on your wedding right away. Think of the type of wedding you want to have, number of guests, who will attend and how much you can afford to spend in all. Also consider whether you will be paying for the wedding entirely by yourselves, or whether your families will contribute. Make a list of your priorities and create an estimate to start your wedding plans with.

Think of a likely date

Every newly engaged couple will be asked when their wedding will be. You do not need a specific date, but it will be helpful if you have a rough idea of when you will be wed. Decide on a likely date quickly, as this will kick-start your wedding planning. It will also be helpful for the guests to make a mental note of when the event will be and make plans accordingly.

Create an outline for the rest of your planning

It is never too early to start planning. Collect information to inspire the rest of your wedding plans. Create mood boards to collect all the information you find. Consider whether you want to do it all yourself, or hire help. Think of possible venues, menus and décor options. Start your research on wedding dresses and dresses for the bridal party. Take some time to simply sift through all your options and slowly narrow down your choices to the ones that you absolutely love.

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