Grooming The Groom(s)

Toronto Wedding Dj | Grooming The Groom(s)
Toronto Wedding Dj | Grooming The Groom(s)

While it goes without saying that most of the attention will be on the bride on the wedding day it is still very important that the groom looks his best also. If there are two grooms then THEY are main focus.

One of the best ways of doing this is by following some form of exercise regime in the weeks and months prior to the wedding to get in shape and feel more energized.

Neither partner should overdo it to such an extent that it could cause injury that might affect the enjoyment of the wedding day or the honeymoon thereafter.

By maintaining good nutrition in the months prior to the wedding his hair and skin will look a lot healthier and if he has been following an exercise regime and even his clothes will tend to fit better.

The groom(s) should also get their hair styled by somebody who they are comfortable with and is sure will make a good job before the wedding day.

Don’t leave it to the last minute and make sure that you’ve decided on the hair style well in advance of the wedding day.

It’s all about planning as this is the only way to be assured of a good outcome at the end of the day and the groom needs to be on that to-do list of things to get sorted just like everything else.

Don’t try new hairstyles if there isn’t enough time for it to grow back out should it ever need changing.

Too close to the wedding is not the time to start getting radical with things such as hairstyles.

Any other major changes in life can cause stress and this can be reflected on the grooms face and this will also be seen in the photographs so try to lead a steady and relaxed lifestyle prior to the wedding.

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