Winter Wedding Favours


Couples who are planning a wedding in the wintertime may wish to incorporate the idea of winter into the overall theme of the wedding. They may also wish to give their guests wedding favours which are related to the winter season. These wedding favours can be items related to winter or the holiday season depending on the preferences of the couple. This post will provide a few ideas for wedding favours which would be appropriate for winter weddings.

Couples who are getting married around Christmas time may be planning to incorporate Christmas into the theme of the wedding. If this is the case they will have a great deal of options available to them in terms of wedding favours. One very popular idea is to give each guest an ornament with the names of the bride and the groom and the wedding date. This is an excellent idea for the wedding favour because it is not only something the guests can use but it is also a personalized wedding favour which will help to ensure the favour will be associated with the wedding and will help the guests to remember the wedding fondly.

Tiny, artificial Christmas trees are another great idea for a festive wedding favour idea. These tiny trees can be adorned with wedding bell ornaments or kept plain to allow the guests to decide how to display the favour themselves. Alternatively the couple may wish to give each of the guests a few packets of seeds for Christmas trees. This will allow each of the guests to plan their own trees if they desire to do so.

Snow globes are another example of a favour which would be very appropriate for a winter wedding. The snow globes can feature a bride and a groom amidst the snow or can simply be a winter scene which the couple finds appealing such as ice skaters or a mountain scene. This type of wedding favour is likely to be appreciated by your guests because it is not a very common wedding favour so most of your guests will not likely already have a large collection of similar items.

Another idea for a wedding favour for a wedding during the winter season is a miniature sled with the name of the bride and the groom and the date of the wedding painted on the sled. This is a rather cute decoration which can be displayed as a knick knack or used as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Even items such as coasters can be used as wedding favours for a winter wedding. Coasters come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs. You can find coasters shaped like snowflakes or featuring winter scenes. By selecting these winter themed design a very practical wedding favour instantly becomes one which is also very appropriate for the theme or the season of the wedding.

Hot chocolate, coffees and teas are also great wedding favour ideas for winter weddings. These edible favour ideas are great for the winter season because they are all warm drinks. You can even find wedding favour distributors who will personalize the packaging of these favours for you so that you can make these wedding favours even more festive and appropriate for distribution as a wedding favour.

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