Every Wedding Must Have It

Wedding favours are quickly becoming a trendy essential of the wedding celebration. Wedding favours are small gifts that are given to each guest at the wedding reception. It says, thank you for coming to our wedding and celebrating this most special day with us.

Wedding favours are becoming an important part of the wedding planning process. Before you make or purchase your wedding favours you have to determine the following:

1. How many people are invited to the wedding?

You need to know how many people are attending the wedding to determine the number of wedding favours needed. Wedding favours are usually bought after the RSVPs to make sure there are enough favours for each guest. Therefore, the favours are usually bough one month or closer to the actual wedding day.

2. What is your budget per guest?

You have to determine the budget for your wedding favours. You can buy some very nice wedding favours for about $2-$3. If you are crafty you can make your own favours, but most people leave it to the professionals and buy their favours.

3. What is your theme?

Your theme or wedding location or the time of the year can determine your wedding favours. For example, a beach wedding calls for a beach theme wedding favour such as a dolphin wine stopper, a seashell candle, or a beach chair candle or cardholder.

Just like the bridal gown, wedding favours are a part of the brides to do list. The decision on what favours to give to the guest should be made by the bride and groom. You can purchase inexpensive but useful wedding favours that will end up in someone’s home not in trash can of your reception venue. An elegant wine stopper, a pretty candle, a shiny bottle opener, a personalized chocolate bar all have the power say to your guest thank you with style and elegance.

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