Popular Wedding Favours

The last thing a bridal couple should need to worry about is the type of wedding favours to have when there are so many other decisions looming on their shoulders. But sticking with perennial favourites such as candles, soaps, personalized trinkets and wedding cameras can make the wedding favour selection relatively painless.

There are many different varieties of candles given as wedding favours, and the possibilities can seem endless. The candles can be very small, as of the tea light variety, or a little larger in the votive size, or even much larger in a pillar size. They can be any colour, such as a formal white, soft pastel colours, or any other colour to match the bridal party colour scheme. Sometimes, the candles are in unique shapes such as a heart, bridal gown, champagne glass, wedding cake, or flowers.

Along the same lines, soaps can also make unique wedding favours, and they are available in many different varieties, colours, and sizes. They are commonly in the shape of hearts or flowers, and are mostly in pastel colours such as yellow, pink and blue. In addition, they can take on different forms, such as bath salts, bath confetti, or bath fizz. These are versatile enough to also make great favours for a bridal shower, especially one marked as a personal shower.

For a more personal touch, there are many different trinkets than can be personalized with the bridal couple’s names and/or wedding date. These can be as simple as tags or ribbons that are added on to other items such as flowers or candies, or as different as tea tins and packets of cappuccino. Some of the most common personalized favours are vases, photo frames and candle holders. Of course you don’t want to leave men out of this. Golf tees and matchbooks can be personalized as well! And don’t forget the napkins to wrap the wedding cake in.

Another very popular option is that of wedding cameras. One or two of these are usually placed at each table. The guests can then use them at their discretion to take pictures during dinner, or of each other dancing, freeing up the photographer to take portraits. At the end of the evening the bridal couple gathers up all the cameras to get them developed. The cameras can be bought in bulk and can have a variety of different designs on them from flowers, to beach, to printed love poems. They can also be personalized, just like any other favour.

Candles, soaps, personalized trinkets and wedding cameras are some of the most common wedding favours, but there are many other ideas as well to make every wedding personalized to the individual couple. This is a time to make everything as special as can be, and wedding favours make it just that much more so.

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