Wedding Lore And Traditions

There are few other life events so steeped in tradition as weddings.  Do you know the origins of our present day customs? Why do we follow them? Well that one is easy you do it because your mom did and her mom and so on back countless generations. Here is some of the history behind many of our modern day wedding traditions. 
Bridesmaid Dresses are often identical in style and colour. Why? In ancient times the brides friends and female  relatives would dress exactly like the bride in an effort to fool evil spirits bent on spoiling her happiness.
The Post Vow Kiss  The Ancient Romans sealed every legal contract with a kiss. Thus the marriage was not legal until the bride and groom kissed. This is why the wedding official says,  ìYou may now kiss the bride.î
The White Wedding Gown brides have always worn white, Right?  No white wedding dresses did not become common in the west until Queen Victoria wore one at her wedding.  Before that bright colours were the norm.
The Receiving Line originated  in ancient times when it was believed that good luck came to anyone who touched the bride and groom on their wedding day. Giving Away the Bride Long ago an unmarried girl or woman was considered  her father’s property, so at the wedding he would walk her down the aisle of the church, and give her away thereby transferring ownership to the husband.
Why Does the Groom Carry the Bride Across the Threshold? There is more than one bit of lore about this practice. One is that when a girl could be kidnapped and forced to marry against her will, the groom would have to carry her by force into her new home.
Another is that ancient Romans considered it bad luck for a bride to trip when crossing the threshold of her new home.  So the groom would carry her in. 
Tying the Knot In Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu cultures, the hands of the bride and groom were tied together to symbolize their new bond and commitment to the marriage.
June Weddings  Roman mythology held Juno as the god of home ,childbirth and marriage, this is thought to be where the popularity of June weddings originated.
Best Man  Back when a man would steal his bride, he would often have to fight her male relatives to keep her. He depended on his best man (friend) for help in fighting them and to get him and his bride safely to the church.
A Locked Church Door  In Irish tradition, once the bride and groom were safely inside the church, guests would lock the church door to prevent the groom from running if he changed his mind.
 Honeymoon  This is another practices with different legends about its origin. One is that if a man kidnapped a girl and could keep her hidden from her family, for a month (moon)  she was his to marry. Another is that parents would keep the couple supplied with mead a drink made from fermented honey  for a moon, there would be a male offspring within a year.
There are hundreds of other wedding customs many of them unique to a particular religious or ethnic heritage. So if you want something different at your wedding seek out the traditions of your heritage
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Wedding Cakes

A wedding is one of the sweetest moments in ones life, and to compliment the great occasion, it is only natural to serve sweets. Cakes, like sweets, are an integral part of a Western wedding.

Once the wedding ceremony is over, the traditional wedding cake is served to the guests. For this, even the knife, the container, and the table are decorated beautifully.

The wedding cake should go well with the wedding. The taste and style of the couple is clearly reflected in the design, shape, and decoration of the wedding cake. There are some prerequisites to choosing the most suitable wedding cake. The proposed budget is the prime factor. After deciding the budget, a good baker, caterer, or expert chef should be selected. The correct selection of the wedding cake remains a stiff challenge due to the wide range of options available regarding flavours, colours and decorations for the cake.

Usually, the wedding cake is massive in size, and multi-layered or tiered. It should complement the wedding dress, the place of reception, the weather conditions, etc.

Tradition demands that the bride and the groom share the first piece of the cake, after which other guests partake of it. Sometimes, a portion is preserved so that the couple can share it either on their first wedding anniversary or on the birth of their first child.

The wedding cake can be made in various flavours and colours. Some opt for the traditional ones, while others prefer new designs and tastes too. A single flavour can be used. But it would be nice if it could cater to the different tastes of the guests. To achieve this, each layer can have a different flavour. The topping or the icing can also be done in many ways, the traditional being the white cream icing. Even the shape is undergoing changes, and miniature cakes are becoming a common sight.

Some of the preferred flavours are cheesecakes, mousse-filled cakes, chocolate, orange mud, and fruitcakes. Fillings can be picked from the list of chocolate, coconut, custard, almond, vanilla, etc. At the top of the cake, the figures of the bride and the groom can be seen. The cake can be decorated using many colours or design themes.

The basic idea or tradition of the wedding cake is to make the occasion memorable, to be cherished by the couple as well as their friends and loved ones. 

The tradition of serving cakes is laudable, as it symbolizes the sweetness, prosperity, fertility, and love fostered through marriage.

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Wedding Shoes

I suppose that you have found the perfect bridal dress to wear on the big day but what about your bridal shoes? If you haven’t really given them some serious thought, it’s time to think again. Your shoes not only need to complement your dress, it should also be a nice fit. Unlike buying other shoes, buying wedding shoes does involve some further attention.

Many people overlook the importance on how the dress matches with the wedding shoes because they both play a critical role for each other. First and foremost, you should try on your wedding shoes together with your wedding gown. Many dresses have a long train and can be a little hard to walk in. You won’t want to trip during the wedding so you should have a good amount of control in the shoes that you choose. Give yourself a basic set of routine to try the shoes with and you should have no difficulty walking, climbing stairs and even dancing in your wedding shoes.

When it comes to heels, it’s true that high heels certainly have a particular sense of elegance and style but there are numerous fashionable flat-heeled shoes that you can choose as well. If you are not used to wearing heels but you want to wear them on the big day, make sure that you practice first by walking in them. Ultimately, make sure that you get yourself a pair of comfortable wedding shoes. A tiny shoe bite can turn into a big pain almost instantly during a wedding. In fact, wedding shoes that you can hardly fit in can result in a few broken ankles. This is an awful sight you won’t want to see on your wedding day. Hence, if your choice of shoes in due course comes down to style versus comfort, go for comfort.

If your gown is going to cover your feet and you’re absolutely sure that they won’t be seen, you can choose something that is simple yet comfortable. Some smart women have put up something as simple as a pair of white tennis shoes as their wedding shoes. If your wedding budget allows, you can also look into designer wedding shoes. There are several high-end designers that are specialized in designing wedding shoes.

However, to find your perfect wedding shoes, you should consider a wedding shoe specialist. They can be quite pricey but you can be sure that you’ll have the best wedding shoes possible for your wedding. These specialists will match your shoes with the fabric and the shade of your wedding gown. Your shoe will also be custom-made to fit your feet size. You can even request for some small accessories to be added to make your wedding shoes to be even more special and unique.

You should make every aspect of your big day as perfect as possible so it will leave good and wonderful memories to you and your family members.

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Popular Wedding Favours

The last thing a bridal couple should need to worry about is the type of wedding favours to have when there are so many other decisions looming on their shoulders. But sticking with perennial favourites such as candles, soaps, personalized trinkets and wedding cameras can make the wedding favour selection relatively painless.

There are many different varieties of candles given as wedding favours, and the possibilities can seem endless. The candles can be very small, as of the tea light variety, or a little larger in the votive size, or even much larger in a pillar size. They can be any colour, such as a formal white, soft pastel colours, or any other colour to match the bridal party colour scheme. Sometimes, the candles are in unique shapes such as a heart, bridal gown, champagne glass, wedding cake, or flowers.

Along the same lines, soaps can also make unique wedding favours, and they are available in many different varieties, colours, and sizes. They are commonly in the shape of hearts or flowers, and are mostly in pastel colours such as yellow, pink and blue. In addition, they can take on different forms, such as bath salts, bath confetti, or bath fizz. These are versatile enough to also make great favours for a bridal shower, especially one marked as a personal shower.

For a more personal touch, there are many different trinkets than can be personalized with the bridal couple’s names and/or wedding date. These can be as simple as tags or ribbons that are added on to other items such as flowers or candies, or as different as tea tins and packets of cappuccino. Some of the most common personalized favours are vases, photo frames and candle holders. Of course you don’t want to leave men out of this. Golf tees and matchbooks can be personalized as well! And don’t forget the napkins to wrap the wedding cake in.

Another very popular option is that of wedding cameras. One or two of these are usually placed at each table. The guests can then use them at their discretion to take pictures during dinner, or of each other dancing, freeing up the photographer to take portraits. At the end of the evening the bridal couple gathers up all the cameras to get them developed. The cameras can be bought in bulk and can have a variety of different designs on them from flowers, to beach, to printed love poems. They can also be personalized, just like any other favour.

Candles, soaps, personalized trinkets and wedding cameras are some of the most common wedding favours, but there are many other ideas as well to make every wedding personalized to the individual couple. This is a time to make everything as special as can be, and wedding favours make it just that much more so.

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Writing Your Wedding Vows

Original wedding vows are words you put together to make your feelings known for your spouse. Wedding vows are statements of love, that you are willing to spend your life together, and these words are your own to express how you feel about spending the rest of your days helping each other through life. Writing your own vows can be a little difficult if you are nervous about what to say, but you will find that you can write your vows if you concentrate from your heart.

Where will you come up with the ideas to write your vows? You need to sit down with a sheet of paper or at your computer when you are feeling most loved, after making love, or after spending the day together with the person you will be marrying. This is when your feelings are fresh, and expressing them with words will seem easiest.

Writing words to express your feelings will be original additions for your wedding day. In using vows that you write yourself, you are telling the other person just how special they are, because you took the time to write down exactly what your hopes, dreams, and feelings are when talking about your lives together.

Your true emotions will be expressed in words you want to say to the other person. Don’t try to impress those who are in the church or those who are watching the ceremony but only think about talking to your spouse and the entire process will be easier for you.

How should you get started in writing your own wedding vows? Original words of love are points you want to include in what you will be saying. Remember whispering sweet things in your love’s ear about how you want to hold him/her all night long? Take that feeling and express it in ways that tell your spouse this. Write words that are not taken from other weddings. Using words that are every thing, you have ever wanted to tell him/her but you have never found the time to say aloud.

Write original words that are letters from your heart. I love you, I need you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I want to share everything in my life with you. I will be there in the good times and in the bad times, I want to be your crutch through life just as I need you to be the shoulder I cry on at the end of the day.

Make your vows words that express just how you hurt when you aren’t near the one you love, but that you hurt because you love this person that much. Original wedding vows are expressions of yourself and you can say it plainly in words that you have said time and again, or you can surprise your loved one by creating stories about how much you love them, and how you are going to spend the rest of your life showing them how much you love them.

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