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For many couples one of the most tedious aspects of planning a wedding is wrapping the wedding favours. This is especially true if you are planning to have a large wedding reception with many guests in attendance. Wrapping wedding favours for hundreds of guests can be very time consuming. Therefore couples should plan on purchasing their wedding favours well in advance to avoid having to wrap the favours at the last minute. In general you would ideally want your favours to arrive 2-3 weeks before your wedding date to give you plenty of time to get them wrapped without feeling stressed. Orders involving personalization should be ordered even early because these will take significantly longer to arrive. This article will offer a wide range of advice on wrapping wedding favours including advice on how to wrap favours and tips for making wrapping wedding favours a lot more fun.
The first tip for wrapping wedding favours is to make sure you factor the cost of wrapping the gifts into your overall budget for wedding favours. This is important because it can add a significant amount to the cost of the favours. Most wedding favour distributors can ship the favours to you already wrapped but there is likely to be a costly fee for this service. It is far less expensive for the couple to wrap the gifts themselves. The most common theme for wrapping wedding favours includes wrapping the gifts in white and using ribbons the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses to adorn the wrapped packages. However, some couples opt for white ribbons for a more monochromatic appearance. Whichever way you decide to wrap your favours you should try to estimate of wrapping supplies such as paper, tape and ribbons before you purchase the favours to ensure these costs will not put you over budget. This may influence the wedding favours you select because you may be more inclined to select favours which are smaller because they will require fewer additional resources to wrap.
Another tip for wrapping wedding favours is to not avoid this project until the night before the wedding. In the opening paragraph I stressed the importance of ordering your wedding favours early to avoid having to wrap them at the last minute. This is incredibly important because wrapping wedding favours can be very time consuming. If you leave it until the last minute you may find yourself staying up all night to try to get all of the favours wrapped and unfortunately may run out of time and not be able to wrap them all. We cannot urge you enough to purchase your favours ahead of time and wrap them as soon as they arrive. This way you can simply set them aside and will not have to worry about them again until it is time to get them to the reception location so they can be placed at each place setting.
Wrapping wedding favours is definitely not a fun project. It can be very time consuming and can also be incredibly tedious. One way to make the project easier is to enlist the help of friends or family members to help you. If you get together a group of 3-4 of your friends you will find the task of wrapping the wedding favours is accomplished in much less time than it would take you to wrap them yourself. You will also have a great deal more fun because you will be spending time with your friends as you wrap the wedding favours. 
The last tip for wrapping wedding favours is to keep the wrapping very simple. You may have ideas about complex wrapping techniques and elaborate ribbons but this can make the task of wrapping the wedding favours take considerably longer than it has to take. Plus it can make storing the wedding favours very difficult. If you spend a great deal of time tying elaborate ribbons it would not make sense to stack the wrapped favours in a box where the ribbons will become crushed. You would have to find a space big enough to lay each favour out flat. This can be very difficult and even if you are able to do it, it will likely cause some inconvenience. Therefore I recommend simpler methods of wrapping and decorating your wedding favours.

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One thought on “Wedding Favours

  1. Or do the supremely cheap route: don't wrap them. Guests at a wedding shouldn't feel that the couple needs to provide each guest with a gift to unwrap. Put a cute picture on one of those "picture frame photo claws" (you know what I'm talking about!) with a cute caption under it like "This is the day we went to Cedar Point and forgot sunscreen. We were both so burnt that we bought the drugstore out of Aloe! Great day! Thanks for coming to our wedding. Love, Jim and Suzie". Super cute, super simple, personal, no wrapping.

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